Monday, September 11, 2017

Coleman Canopy Gazebo Review

Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Gazebo
When picking out a gazebo for your backyard, you will notice that they come in an overwhelming amount of shapes and sizes. Rightfully so, every gazebo is built with specific benefits in mind, each tailored to a different lifestyle or different backyard layout.

From hard tops to canopies, big to small, budget-friendly to luxurious or quirky to straightforward, there is an abundance of options out there and a large number of candidates for that special spot in your backyard as well as your heart.

One particular type of gazebo, however, we’ve found does not get nearly enough attention. While not for everyone out there, it is definitely worth noting that sometimes you just need a gazebo that is extra durable, extra functional, and particularly portable.

Now, why is that? It’s because some people live for the joy of being able to pack up your gazebo and take it on a camping trip with you. The majority of gazebo manufacturers out there look at making them bigger, more stylish, sturdier and with as many accessories as possible, yet very few seem to consider the wisdom of simply being able to pack it up in moments and take it to your next destination along with all of the accessories and perks.

This is why we’ve chosen to take a closer look at the COLEMAN CANOPY.

Certainly living up to its name as an instant canopy, this model sets up in three minutes requiring three easy steps for assembly. The highly portable fabric build means you don’t need to struggle with intensive setup of poles and frames. It is closer to a tent than anything else on that front, however it provides the full luxury and spaciousness of a gazebo.

In terms of functionality, it has all the bases covered. The design has built in mosquito netting that is particularly encompassing to make sure that no bugs get into your relaxation zone. This is a contrast to most gazebos where the netting is detachable (possibly even a separate purchase) and may not cover every single inch without leaving an opening.

The comfort grip technology allows for easy adjustment during setup and lock it well into place once you are done. At the same time, it sports vaulted ceilings to maximize height clearance for those taller users as well as two separate entryways (a front one and a back one) for extra maneuverability.

Finally, when it comes to the price range you will find that the Coleman Instant Canopy will not let you down as it is usually less expensive than a lot of the fancy camping gear out there, while providing a fully luxurious gazebo experience that most people would only find at home in their backyard. If you are a mixed breed of camping and backyard enthusiast, or if you simply want a particularly indulgent experience while you’re out camping, the Coleman should be your pick! You can also check out more options on our review of the best canopy gazebos out there.

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